Gevorg Harutyunyan

Hayots Ashkhar Daily
30 Sep 2008

The transportation knot, which connects Abovyan Park with Myasnikyan
Avenue by an underground route, and Saralanj highway, was handed over
for operation yesterday.

The construction of the knot that unloaded another overloaded highway
of the capital city was the idea of the Republic's second President
Robert Kocharyan. The construction started in 2006 and was continued
under the personal control of the newly elected President Serge
Sargsyan. So it is not accidental that yesterday the country's
President Serge Sargsyan and ex-President Robert Kocharyan both
participated in the solemn ceremony.

After watching Yerevan's panorama from the top of the Victory memorial
and after familiarizing themselves with the construction of Saralanj
highway the country's second President Robert Kocharyan and President
Serge Sargsyan responded to the questions of the journalists.

Robert Kocharyan

I'm Not Bored Of My Rest

"Mr. Kocharyan how do you estimate the process of the road construction
in the capital city?"

"I will not be wrong if I say that this is the last project of
road construction implemented in Yerevan. It is really regrettable
that the process is over. But we hope that the project will have
continuation. But not we are the ones to give as sessment to all
this work but the people. Whatever has been constructed is really
beautiful. Yerevan has indisputably become very comfortable. I'm
really grateful to Kirk Kirkoryan for providing this opportunity. In
my view this man's activity will be appreciated."

"Mr. Kocharyan what are your personal programs?"

"This is the main topic of gossip. I'm not yet bored of the rest that I
finally got. I must confess that during the last six months it is for
the second time that I'm wearing a tie. First was on May 28, when I
participated in the ceremony organized in Sardarapat. I have no desire
to return to similar working schedule. Once I have such desire I will
let you know. I will not give ground to gossips. These gossips prevent
people from working. And it is also clear why these gossips spread.

Serge Sargsyan

We have strong and powerful compatriots

"Mr. Sargsyan which construction project do you consider the most
important one?"

"I highly appreciate all the construction works implemented during
the second stage of Lins program. I'm grateful to Kirk Kirkoryan and
Lins fund for financing these works. I really hope that Kirk Kirkoryan
and Lins will continue to implement their projects in Armenia.

I attach great importance to road construction, school construction
and the reconstruction of Yerevan streets. It will not be ri ght to
favor one over another, or to compare them. Because it is due to the
project of the school construction that our children have such modern
educational centers that we have never had in Armenia.

The project of road construction is also very important, because the
blood vessels that connect the Republic's dwelling places with one
another finally opened. The reconstruction of the streets was the only
option to unload Yerevan streets, though usually there are complaints
at the first stage of the construction. Anyway Kirk Kirkoryan's work
is definitely appreciated."

"Mr. Sargsyan how do you estimate your visit to the USA?"

"For two and a half days it was a rather saturated program. I had
various meetings. But the meeting with the Armenian community was
the warmest and the most exciting program, especially the one with
the pupils who visited St. Vardan church. I told the children that
they must be tolerant and competitive, and that our power is in
our diversity.

Diaspora seems quite different from Armenia. Armenians have quite
different image about the Diaspora. But when you are with these people
you really feel their power. And I'm really proud that we have strong
and powerful compatriots in the most powerful country in the world."

"Mr. Sargsyan did the meeting between the Foreign Ministers of Armenia,
Turkey and Azerbaijan show any results?"

"We didn't h ave great expectations from that meeting. There is no
concrete result. But be sure these meetings are the rings of the
total chain and they will definitely show results."