2008-10-02 18:22:00

ArmInfo. About 10 mln Armenians live in the world. This means that
Armenia should have 10 mln ambassadors in the world, Armenian President
Serzh Sargsyan said in parliament, Thursday.

In his speech the president noted that during his recent meetings
with diplomats he dwelled on the Armenian authorities' approaches in
the context of the new and regional and geopolitical situation. "Now
I want to stress another thing. I think that the events around South
Ossetia and further processes made many people sober. Today it is more
than obvious that we are demanded of not only accurate, pragmatic,
adequate assessments without any emotions, but also consistent
steps aimed at achievement of deep targets, we need stability of the
country, consolidation of forces and opportunities, new approaches
and solutions", the president stressed.

"Just try to turn to residents of Armenian villages and towns and ask
them the question "When was the war in Karabakh over?". Along with
other answers, people will tell you that the war hasn't been over",
he said. Residents of Meghri, Gyumri and Artashat, railroaders and
power engineers, diplomats and farmers will state that the war hasn't
been over yet. "Yes, the war hasn't finished as the arm race hasn't
finished and we haven't yet congratulated the presidents of Azerbaijan
and Nagorno-Karabakh on a voluntary decision and peaceful settlement
of the conflict", Sargsyan said.

"Look around - there are still a lot of external threats. But have we
really become sober completely after the recent events? I hope that we
are still getting sober. Sometimes there arises such an impression that
the whole society has become spectators and critics. At the meeting
with diplomats I called on them to be attentive and laborious in
presenting Armenia abroad and in international structures. But this
is not enough. There are about 10 mln Armenians in the world. This
means that Armenia should have 10 mln ambassadors in the world. This
is our counterweight to petrodollars in today's information war. And
we can tip the scale in case of being completely sober", Sargsyan
said in conclusion.