[09:01 pm] 02 October, 2008

After hearing the revelations during the last session of the
parliamentary committee investigating the events of March 1, "Heritage"
faction member Vardan Khachatrian got the impression that the murders
of March 1 didn't take place in Yerevan, but in Texas when a herd
was on the move and some animals got killed on the way.

According to Khachatrian, the committee's activities are turning into a
fiasco. Vardan Khachatrian underlines that the goal of the committee's
activity is to defend the authorities and make sure that the opposition
is to blame. In reality, some questions remain unanswered. For
example: Who gave the commands to shoot the people? Who permitted
the operations? Why did they get rid of the evidence and why were
they dumping people's items in the garbage trucks with shovels? Why
didn't they take the fingerprints found on the weapons? As a matter
of fact, Vardan Khachatrian is still shocked by the commentaries of
the authorities on the fingerprints. They claim that since they don't
have enough information on the fingerprints, they can't accept them
as evidence and that is why they are not important.

"This goes to show that we haven't progressed since the 19th
century," said Vardan Khachatrian hesitantly. "Heritage" deputy
Vardan Khachatrian informed that the party deputies will take part
in gathering the facts, yet it is unclear as to who will join the
group. Khachatrian also said that the party wants to conduct an
investigation of their own as well.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress