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October 7, 2009 Wednesday

One of Paris' most famous monuments has been lit up in red and white
to mark the start of the Turkish season.

Tourists will be able to enjoy the changes to the iconic tower until
October 11.

Turkish spectators who had come to watch the lighting said it was
important for relations between France and Turkey. Gorgon Taner said
that it emphasised Turkey's presence in Europe.

"Europe without Turkey has something missing. So I think Turkey is
going to be part of the European Union not later than in a couple of
years, because we have a very young and dynamic population, and a big
and very dynamic market, Turkey is already a part of Europe," he said.

The lighting is the red and white of the Turkish flag, but did not
have an illuminated half-moon, as had been claimed by the right
wing National Front, who protested against the illumination as a
"waste of public money" and a "disgrace" of a national monument,
as did Armenian pressure groups.