28 Sept 10

Interview with the deputy from the NA ARF faction Artsvik Minasyan

Electoral campaign seems to have kicked off. Against this background,
disagreements between two coalition forces RP and BHK are seen. In
your opinion, are these disagreements real and whether the opposition
has to use them?

I think the primary issue of the opposition is to unite the
oppositional part of the society around concrete ideas and plans.

After this, the targets of the power's failures have to be found and
highlighted. And the third important principle is that people need
to stay far from the figure of a personalized leader. This is very
important because if this approach is not shown, the split will be
inevitable and as a result people will lose. After all it is evident
that coalition forces have their narrow interests, and calculations
may not coincide. The opposition is necessary to evaluate the moment
right, to notice the omissions of the coalition and present them to
the society showing that this coalition and the force involved in it
- the Republican Party cannot govern the country and has to ensure
those developments which are necessary for progress in our country.

Is there apathy among the society and political forces or the political
life returned from holidays?

The survey which revealed that forty percent of people want to leave
the country proves the disappointment and that our citizens have
no interest in the political life and do not see any possibility to
change the life through politics. Here, the role of political forces
is important.

On the other hand, such passivity is expedient for the ruling political
forces which want to enjoy their power without tension.

There is an evident clash of interests: on one side, there is the
active oppositional part, on the other - those who want to enjoy their
power. Who will win in this stage will be known by winter. We try to
keep our citizens sober. As you know, an ARF rally is to be held in
the Aragatsotn region in connection with social-economic issues of
the region. This is an example that other political forces could use
to join the rebellion to show the way out.

Before the ARF, the HAK held a rally. Why did the ARF not join the
HAK rally but only continues to criticize the Congress?

We need to view the agendas of the political forces. The main issue on
the agenda of the Armenian National Congress is the change of power
which is not coming true and this idea is being humiliated when at
each next event by the HAK, the probability for this idea to come
true weakens. Every time a new direction appears where the Congress
leadership shows its loyalty to the policy of the power.

For us, not only foreign, but also home issues are on the agenda. We
say that there are issues on which we are ready to cooperate with
any force. Who hinders the Congress to join the ARF Dashnaktsutyun?

Instead we only hear accusations by the HAK in address of the ARF or
its history. The reality is being mutated. If they think in doing so
they become stronger, they are mistaken.

The last rally of the HAK once again proved my affirmation that the
First president, not wanting to hold the office of the president of
the country, tries to be a pan-national leader. He is not interested
in the post of the president, but he pursues the goal to be the only
opposition whom the authorities have to listen to and obey.

The impression is that the ARF fights against the Pan-Armenian National
Movement and Levon Ter-Petrosyan than the ruling power.

There are two ideologies in our country which are fighting: the one
is the ANM extreme and non-regulated ideology and the second is the
nationalistic ideology of the ARF. If someone thinks that nationalists
are within the power, they are wrong. Forces born from the ANM are
within the power, which left the ANM and tried to form their own force
and to govern the country. But they have the same ideology. From the
point of individuals, I see no difference between the power and the
ANM, except one thing: if the first president, along with his team,
had an evident anti-Dashnaktsutyun attitude, the current power tries
to do it in a concealed form.

Is it not possible to cooperate with the Congress in connection with
the change of power then to compete during elections?

I do not accept this approach. This reminds wild films when they try
to eliminate the enemy and share the wealth. This is a thinking of
bandits. Bandits try to take the wealth and share after. Until you
have no plan to use the wealth for the sake of people, the fight
becomes a fight for posts. We do not accept this; we are inclined to
being responsible. We do not see the same on the other side except a
few member of the HAK; I do not see others who want to be responsible.

Just the contrary, they always make statements which put people into
apathy such as "unless concessions are made in the Karabakh issue,
Armenia will not develop".

From: A. Papazian