30 Sept 10

On September 30, dwelling on the possibility of a force-majeure
of regular elections, Ashot Manucharyan said that Armenia is in
a situation that any moment can become a force-majeure. According
to Manucharyan, in case of the Karabakh issue, it was possible to
avoid it because Russia adopted a clear position and if this position
changes tomorrow, there will be a force majeure.

The same goes for the change in Russia's position regarding the status
quo in the Armenian home political life. Manucharyan notes that the
point is not only Russia. In our region, Russia is defeated by the
U.S., seeing this, China is trying to interfere into the region,
attempting to repress the Western expansion. Manucharyan says China
has a strong ally - Iran. Manucharyan notes that a tangible number
of Chinese transferred to Georgia. By the way, he notes that Georgia
has a big revolutionary influence on Armenia. Manucharyan means that
Saakashvili, committing serious political errors, nevertheless, made
notable changes in the life in Georgia. According to Manucharyan,
Georgia is absorbing the middle class of Armenia.

From: A. Papazian