30 Sept 10

Environmental organizations reveal new details in connection with the
"brutal" events that occur in Khosrov Reserve. The initiator of the
"Group of Defenders of eco-historical environment of Armenia" Vahagn
Piliposyan spoke today about the outcome of a three-day expedition to
the reserve. Group climbed to the monastery of Avuts Tar and witnessed
a nightmarish picture.

"Right in the Church, people prepared barbecue and then scattered the
ashes. There were bottles of alcoholic drinks, utensils, in general,
something terrible was happening in the church" said Vahagn Piliposyan.

The initiative team visited Kakavaberd fortress, chamois were visible
on a hillside, and on the way back members of the group heard shots.

It is not ruled out that people went there for bird hunting, in any
case, the Ministry of Environment instead of revealing the essence,
said that the shots were made in some other location.

Environmentalist Mariam Sukhudyan again raised the issue of
construction of a large entertainment complex right in the heart of
the reserve, noting that, besides the fact that the reserve loses
its importance, next to the monument something with prerequisites of
a restaurants or a brothel is built.

Recall that in 2007 a land of approximately 200 hectares in the heart
of Khosrov was transferred to a firm for 60 years. After the alarms
of environmentalists, the construction of the restaurant has been
temporarily suspended. But, according to Mariam Sukhudyan, some people
visited the area, and this indicates that construction can resume.

She says that it is like cancer that has trends to spread towards
Kakavaberd, and it will be a popular place for hunters, who now have
nowhere to try out their prey. "If our authorities, the government,
Ministry of Environment continue being silent, we will turn to
international organizations", said Sukhudyan.

From: A. Papazian