Azat Artsakh Daily
30 Sept 2010
Republic of Nagorno Karabakh [NKR]

On The Visit To Nkr Taken Place In France On September 29, A
Press conference on the report on the June 2010 visit of French
parliamentarians to the Nagorno Karabakh Republic took place at
the National Assembly of France. According to the NKR Permanent
Representative to France, the report's author is Francois Roshbluan -
Deputy from the Loire Department and Chairman of the France-Armenia
Friendship Parliamentary Group. Pascal Crozon and Rene Ruke, who
had visited Artsakh, also attended the press conference. Francois
Roshbluan introduced the goals of the French Deputies' visit,
expressing his gratitude to the NKR authorities for the organization
of the visit and for their cordial reception. The Deputy noted the
visit's usefulness. "The delegation saw in place how the Karabakh
people built their democratic institutes and civil society", said Mr.
Roshbluan, noting that the French parliamentarians had attended the
first session of the NKR newly elected National Assembly. According
to the Deputy, the basic issue of Nagorno Karabakh's concern today is
the international recognition of Karabakh people's independence. The
role of France and its Parliament in the Karabakh conflict settlement
was also discussed at the press conference.

From: A. Papazian