Oct 2 2010

Black Sabbath/Iron Maiden/Deep Purple Supergroup Records Charity Single

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Some of the top musicians in rock have planned to collaborate in order
to raise some money for charity. The artists will enter the studio
next week in order to record a single that will hopefully make enough
money to meet their goal: rebuilding a music school in Armenia.

The musicians who are coming together in a valiant attempt to raise
money for the less fortunate are rock/metal legends Tony Iommi, Ian
Gillan, Jon Lord and Nicko McBrain. Yes, that's right. Members of
Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Iron Maiden are all going to be working
together to record a song.

The single these legends are going to record will be titled `Out of My
Mind,' and they're hoping that, with the profits they earn, they'll be
able to help many children get a chance to be exposed to a proper
music education. They plan to accomplish this by rebuilding a music
school that currently isn't satisfying the needs of the community.

The music school they're trying to rebuild was actually a product of
Iommi and Gillan (along with several other top-notch musicians like
David Gilmour, Bruce Dickinson and Chris Squire), who previously
teamed up to re-record `Smoke on the Water' to help the people who
suffered from the earthquake Armenia experienced in 1989.

From: A. Papazian