OCTOBER 5, 2010

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 5, ARMENPRESS: Four hundred 16 Armenian educational
establishments, including colleges, everyday and Sunday schools,
work in the Armenian Diaspora with about 7 million population. Vardan
Petrosyan, chief specialist of the Department of Ties with Armenian
communities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarusia and Moldova of the CIS
Department of Armenian Communities of the Armenian Diaspora Ministry
told Armenpress that the 137 of those educational establishments are
in Russia.

"By non-official data, the Armenian community of Russia is the largest
in the world, and according to official sources, it is the second
after the USA. By non official data, 1, 3 million Armenians, and by
non-official - 1, 5 million Armenians live in Russia. As we have such
a large Armenian community in Russia, the educational establishments
are many, too," Mr. Petrosyan noted, adding that subjects in Armenology
are taught in 6 secondary schools of Rostov Region.

Ukraine is in the second place with the number of Armenian educational
establishments (43), then comes Lebanon (38), Syria (30) and Iran
(29). Though most Armenians live in the USA by official information,
nevertheless, there are only 27 Armenian educational establishments
there, and in France and Turkey - 16 and 19 respectively.

From: A. Papazian