OCTOBER 13, 2010

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 13, ARMENPRESS: The 'Rock against Smoking' action,
organized by the Armenian Republican Party's youth wing and the
Armenian Youth Foundation in association with Yerevan Municipality, was
held today at Charles Aznavour Square. During the rock concert-action
a pack of cigarettes was swapped for an apple.

'Our society has a number of dangerous habits; smoking is one of them.

Through this action we propagandize healthy lifestyle,' according
to Karen Avagyan, RA NA deputy, chairman of the Armenian Republican
Party's youth organization. He said every day over 18,600 people die
because of smoking, so 'they tend to inform the society about the harm,
cigarettes may cause'.

Arusyak Poghosyan, head of Healthy Lifestyle Projects of the Armenian
Youth Foundation, said they use rock music as a tool for propagandizing
principles of healthy lifestyle. She added that 'if the youth is
informed, it can spread values of healthy lifestyle in the society'.

From: A. Papazian