Oct 27 2010

The conference "Opening borders for common future of Armenia and
Turkey" scheduled for Oct. 28 has been cancelled, said Stepan
Grigoryan, Head of the Analytical Center for Globalization and
Regional Cooperation.

The initiative to hold the conference was introduced by Tuna Beklevic,
Chairman of the Strong Turkey Party (GTP), and Baybars Orsek, Chairman
of the Society and Democracy Association. The Analytical Center for
Globalization and Regional Cooperation supported the Turkish side's

Grigoryan said that the conference has been postponed for technical
reasons - the Armenia Marriott and Golden Tulip hotels failed to
provide halls. The Turkish side is trying to resolve the problem
without the Armenian side's mediation. Turkish participants have not
yet arrived in Armenia. reminds readers that on October 10, the Turkish mass media
disseminated information that Leader of Strong Turkey Party (GTP)
Tuna Beklevic with his party fellows crossed the Armenia-Turkey border
along the Akhuryan River and entered Armenia.

The GTP leader has introduced a new initiative - establishment of
Society of Turkish-Armenian friendship.

Tuna Beklevic stated the society has been formed on the occasion of
anniversary of the Armenian-Turkish protocols signed in Zurich. The
organization's goal is to reconcile two countries and show their
inseparability and significance for each other. According to the GTP
leader, the society has 500 members.

From: A. Papazian