, Armenia
Oct 30 2010

Armenian National Security Service more hospitable than Foreign
Ministry, Turkish politician says

October 30, 2010 | 10:39

The Leader of `Strong Turkey' (GTP) Party Tuna Beklevic was invited to
Armenian National Security Sevice for his unacceptable behavior and
irresponsible statements.

According to Turkish Radikal daily, after leaving Armenian NSC
Beklevic stated Armenian National Security Service was more hospitable
than Foreign Ministry. `Armenian Foreign Ministry did not even bother
to treat us with a cup of tea. Unlike the Ministry, the National
Security Service allowed us to call our party fellows and warn them
everything is well with us,' Beklevic said, stressing they will
intensify their efforts to open Armenia-Turkey border.

According to him, both Armenian and Turkish nations agree on the
matter, as peace and stability should be established in the region.
GTP leader emphasized they will hold discussions on the current
situation and develop new plans.

As reported previously, Armenian National Security Service
issued a statement in connection to Turkish citizens- `Strong Turkey'
party chairman Tuna Beklevich and his deputy, Baybars Orsek who
crossed the Armenian border. Beklevich and Orsek were warned that such
a course of conduct is unacceptable and their statements are
irresponsible. They were asked to leave the territory of Armenia.

Earlier this month the Turkish media spread information that Tuna
Beklevic with his party fellows crossed the Armenia-Turkey border
along the River Akhuryan and entered Armenia. However, later Deputy
Chief of Border Service, Russian Federal Security Service, Colonel
Andrey Guzeyev refuted the reports.

From: A. Papazian