08:05 pm | September 29, 2011

"I am forced to gather the children's cloths in the winter and wash
them in the spring when the water comes from the faucet," says mother
of three orphan children from Gyumri, Elmira Tamazyan.

"Shirak Center" has released information according to which "this
family lives in a shack that has no accommodations and water supply.

Even though they lost their homes after the earthquake, they are not
subject to compensation by the government since they registered later
than the period set by the Armenian government.

The man of the house passed away three years ago, the elder of the
children, Burastan is in the 9th grade, the middle child, Anahit is
in 4th grade and the youngest, Karushik is four years old.

The mother barely makes ends meet by working at other people's homes
for a day's pay. She is forced to leave the four-year old child home
alone sometimes, and the child is often beaten by the kids in the
district. Their shack is located next to kindergarten N 4 in Gyumri,
but the kindergarten doesn't accept the child due to the family's
lack of money. The kindergarten charges a monthly fee of 10,000 drams.

Although 35-year old mother of three orphans Elmira Tamazyan's shack
is located in central Gyumri, they are ignored and abandoned by
everyone, including the dozens of local and international charitable
organizations in Gyumri."