September 29, 2011 - 21:31 AMT

PanARMENIAN.Net - Energy experts of countries neighboring Armenia must
be allowed to inspection of the Metsamor nuke plant which represents
a big threat to the whole region, according to the president of the
National Academy of Science of Azerbaijan.

"Armenian side states that the Metsamor nuke plant has been inspected
by no less than ten different commissions this year but the results
of the inspections are not provided to the neighbor countries, which
means that inspections are not transparent. This is not correct,"
Mahmud Karimov told reporters.

"We demand to make these results public. Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan
must be aware of the results of inspections", he said.

According to Karimov, this issue was also raised at the IAEA's recent
general conference. At this meeting, the head of the Academy of Science
of Azerbaijan spoke of the need for the experts from Armenian neighbor
countries to participate in the activity of the Metsamor nuke plant.

The president of the National Academy of Science of Azerbaijan said
that after the accident at the Fukushima-1 nuke plant, the security
of the Armenian nuke plant has become even more pressing.

"Indeed, the Metsamor nuke plant represents a real threat for the
region, since it does not meet the European standards, exhausted its
resources and gone outdated. EU has repeatedly demanded to shut it
down but Armenian government continues using this station and even
passed a decision to build a new energy unit there", Karimov said.

He drew attention to the fact Metsamor nuke plant is located in
mountainous area. "In the event of failure, there will be water
shortage for cooling the reactor and it will be very difficult to
prevent the tragedy", he said.

However foreign experts have repeatedly confirmed the safety of the
Armenian NPP. For example, the IAEA's 11-member Operational Safety
Review Team (OSART) for Armenia, which inspected the Armenian nuclear
power plant (NPP) safety from May 16 to June 2, concluded that the
plant does not pose any danger. "There is no industrial activity that
does not pose any risk, but I think the results of our inspection
show that this risk at Metsamor is acceptable," Gabor Vamos, head of
the OSART, said upon completion of the monitoring.

From: Baghdasarian