By Siranuysh Gevorgyan

News | 29.09.11 | 14:59

First Deputy Defense Minister of Armenia David Tonoyan in his
interview to RIA Novosti Russian news agency stated that resumption
of hostilities in Nagorno Karabakh is "quite possible".

"Under the given circumstances we consider it proper to view the
situation from security perspectives, supposing that active hostilities
can be launched any minute and, thus, be on stand-by, rather than
just guessing whether a new war might break out in Karabakh. In this
context it is important to stress another no-less important factor -
the cooperation between the armies of Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh
are on the highest level," said Tonoyan.

In the same interview Tonoyan confirmed the long speculated news that
an Armenian-Russian joint workshop would be operating in the region to
provide technical assistance and repair armored units and anti-aircraft
defense technologies, as well as a variety of Russian-production
helicopters and vehicles manufactured by Uralian Auto-Motor Plant

He also stated that Armenia is planning to sell its domestically
manufactured unmanned aircrafts as well as other military-industrial

"For several years now our research institutes and military-industrial
entities have been developing various kinds of unmanned aircrafts,
among them the most outstanding being the Krunk-25 model. All such
aircrafts are successfully used for reconnaissance and information
collection, and we believe that our production would be compatible
in the international market," stressed Tonoyan.

For the first time Armenia demonstrated its drones during the
September 21 military parade devoted to the 20th anniversary of
Armenia's independence.