09.29.2011 16:20

There won't be a drastic change in the life of Armenia in the near
future, said member of the now-defunct Karabakh Committee Ashot
Manucharyan, speaking to journalists in the Armenian capital today.

"In the near future a fundamental issue has to be decided: will the
[political] confrontation in Armenia worsen or not? Armenia is moving
toward such a deep impasse that it simply won't allow another path for
itself. HAK [the Armenian National Congress], through its activities,
basically has lost the confidence of the people... with it, losing the
possibilities and meanings of dialogue, because the dialogue could've
been based on the will of the people alone. The only system that is
outside a distorted world system is the system of rebellious people,"
he said.

Manucharyan said that if such an uprising could control a force or
political entity that has overcome its "distortedness" then in that
case Armenia will find itself again.

"There are three main forces currently at work in Armenia which
are connected to the three individuals who assumed the position of
president. The activities of those three forces are Armenia's main
functions. Outside of these there are small groups which in no way
are developing as independence forces," he said.