12:28 30.09.11

Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan is perhaps the only one of the CIS
leaders Vladmir Putin's return to the Kremlin as president will make
glad, writes the Moskovskiye Novosti daily, referring to the latest
domestic political developments in Russia.

"Two bears cannot share one den. If we believe the Wikileaks, it was
a comment on the Russian tandem's activities Azerbaijani President
Ilham Aliyev made in talking to US diplomats several years ago. The
CIS leaders are still refraining from showing the public their reaction
to the 'castle' within the tandem, which is quite reasonable on their
part. The presidential election is Russia is to be held in almost six
months. Judging by the excitement within the Russian Establishment,
we can expect new surprises.

"Nevertheless, considering the confidence, few can call into question,
that Vladimir Putin will return to the Kremlin as 'new old president',
Armenian President Serzh Sagsyan is perhaps the only one of the CIS
leaders that can feel glad about it. Not that Yerevan has failed to
reap any considerable dividends in the Nagorno-Karabakh peace process
from Dmitri Medvedev's presidency. It has not been a 'gift' for Baku
either. The point is that, over recent years, the Armenian leadership
has been able to build up such relations with Moscow that are hardly
dependent on the Kremlin master's name. On the other hand, Yerevan must
be in the habit of looking for Putin and his team," the daily writes.