Haaretz article urges Turkey to acknowledge Armenian Genocide

13:49 - 16.10.11

Emanuele Ottolenghi, a senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of
Democracies, in a piece posted on the leading Israeli newspaper
Haaretz Web site on Friday, says that Turkey should acknowledge the
Armenian Genocide.

`Turkey continues to practice state-sanctioned genocide denial and
prosecutes those who dare challenge it. Isn't it time, 90-something
years after the Ottoman Empire eliminated as many as 1.5 million
Armenians that Mr. Erdogan's `mildly Islamist' party, as The Economist
leniently defines it, acknowledges Turkey's dark past and apologizes
on behalf of its country's crimes?' asks Ottolenghi.

`Not to belabor the point, but the list of things Turkey should
apologize for is long. It continues to illegally occupy Northern
Cyprus, the territory of a European Union member, after having
conquered the land through an act of aggression that ended in ethnic
cleansing and illegal settlements,' wrote he.

`No apology there so far - in fact, Turkey has just threatened to
freeze ties with the EU if Cyprus receives the Union's rotating
presidency next year, as it is supposed to. Meanwhile, Mr. Erdogan is
directing his gunboat diplomacy threats at Cyprus as well - as if
occupation, ethnic cleansing and the creation of a fictitiously
independent republic in the northern part of the island were not
enough,' adds Ottolenghi.

`Moral of the story: If you behave like a bull, you should not live in
a china shop. And if you live in a glass house, think twice before you
throw stones at your neighbors. Mr. Erdogan wants an apology? How
about starting with one?' concludes the author.