Thanks to a World Bank grant, the universities in Armenia have launched
a pilot accreditation program.

The National Center for Professional Education Quality Assurance
(NCPEQA), which is the coordinator of the process, has already
organized expert groups' visits to the Armenian State Teachers Training
University, and the State Architectural and Construction University.

Based on international standards, two separate groups will continue
their studies in the above institutions until November 4.

The international experts are from the Netherlands and Great Britain.

Dr Klas van Veen is a Leiden University professor who has been engaged
in teacher training programs and quality assessment for several years.

Richard Louis has been a guest lecturer at the Washington University.

as well as a former president of the International Network for Quality
Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE) .

The Center has already studied the universities' self-analyses
submitted ahead of the visits. It has finished its preparatory work,
having elaborated the assessment principles and criteria. An action
plan drawn up with the Center's representatives now serves as a
guideline for the experts. After completing the visits, group will
sum up the monitoring results. The final report will be submitted by
the head expert.

Fourteen universities have been involved in the WB-funded pilot