1 October, 2012

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 1, ARMENPRESS: There are no Armenians among the dead
and wounded in the result of the explosion blown on September 30 in
Ghamishli Armenian District, bordering with Turkey. It was reported to
Armenpress by the Press Secretary of the National Primacy of Aleppo
Zhirayr Reyisyan, adding that the explosion caused considerable
damages to the nearby buildings, including the apartments belonging
to Armenians.

Concerning the situation in Aleppo, the Press Secretary stated that the
situation in the city was comparatively calm. Earlier Zhirayr Reyisyan
informed that 1500 kilogram-bomb had been exploded in Ghamishli.

The Facebook page of the Syrian Armenians informed that the situation
in Latakia and Kesab was quiet. Our compatriot from Latakia Avo
Garbushyan reported that the situation in Latakia city of Syria was
calm and many of the Aleppo Armenians move there. The majority of
the Armenian children attend the local national school.

There has been no information concerning the Armenians Khazhak Abelyan
and Hovak Gortmosyan lost for months. From the economical point of
view Kesab is quite safe, as the harvest of the current year was
satisfactory and the Kesab people will be able to spend the winter
safely, if the situation does not change drastically. Nevertheless,
unfortunately the forest fires continue in that area.

In Syria more than 30,000 people, including more than 20 Armenians,
died in the collisions between the opposition and government forces,
which have lasted about 18 months.