17:28 02.10.2012

Synopsys Week will be held in Yerevan October 3-6 in. This event
celebrates joint achievements by business, academia and the government
of the Republic of Armenia (RA) through a number of award ceremonies
and other activities, and supports high-tech development in the region
through the International Microelectronics Olympiad.

"Synopsys is dedicated to supporting the development of the high-tech
industry in Armenia and the region by initiating and implementing
consistent and sustainable programs," said Chi-Foon Chan, president and
co-CEO at Synopsys. "Synopsys Week in Armenia has become a tradition,
and returning each year to Yerevan to celebrate gives me an opportunity
to celebrate our achievements with Armenian community."

"We are proud that Armenia is the home of one of our largest R&D
sites. Armenia provides a powerful, positive cooperation between
industry, academia and government at a level uncommon in the world.

This sustained cooperation benefits the development of industry in
Armenia and Armenia's development. In cooperation with academia and
government, Synopsys sponsors a large number of programs which have
led to significant achievements for Armenia," said Rich Goldman, vice
president of corporate marketing and strategic alliances at Synopsys,
and chief executive officer of Synopsys Armenia CJSC. "During Synopsys
Week in Armenia, we celebrate these achievements and invite all other
domestic and international companies to join in the development of
Armenia's economy."

"All Synopsys initiatives aimed at the development of the IT sphere
represent an investment in the youth of Armenia, which is the most
effective way to contribute to our country's future," said Hovik
Musayelyan, director of Synopsys Armenia. "Through Synopsys Week, we
celebrate the joint achievements of business, academia and government
while looking forward to playing a significant role in the local
high-tech development for years to come."

From: Baghdasarian