We Have Tolerated Azerbaijan's Impudent Behavior for Quite a Long
Time, Margarit Yesayan Says

October 5, 2012 13:12

On October 4, hearings on Azerbaijani murderer Ramil Safarov's case
took place in the PACE. During the hearings, delegates of all
countries, except for Turkey and Azerbaijan, underlined the
impermissibility of the Azerbaijani murderer's actions and condemned
them and the Azerbaijani delegates claimed that pardoning the murderer
`is the sovereign right of Azerbaijan.' In response to Aravot's
question why Azerbaijan continued to behave like that, in her opinion,
Margarit Yesayan, a member of the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA)
parliamentary group and the deputy chairman of the human rights
protection and public affairs committee, said, `One shouldn't be
surprised, that country has none of the system of values that is
called European and has none of the vision of human rights, which has
been reached by the majority of European countries and which the
Republic of Armenia longs for. I think that the first reason for that
impudent behavior is that we have tolerated that behavior for quite a
long time.

`When and in what situations hasn't Azerbaijan behaved like that? It
is its permanent condition and it is high time that we make an
adequate response to it and answer our neighbor with a concrete

`By the way, I was quite happy about the words of Rudy Salles, the
French member of the PACE. Mr. Salles reminded his European colleagues
rather expressively during the discussions on the issue in the PACE
that Safarov had struck 16 blows of an ax at the sleeping Armenian
officer. The PACE member said addressing the Azerbaijani delegates
that Azerbaijan had better stop its so-called `propaganda,' `Listening
to all your arguments, I ask myself whether Azerbaijan can continue to
legitimately sit in this hall.'

`I express my gratitude to the French member of the PACE for that
sober and realistic approach of his. I think that our European
colleagues must all do that and impose severe sanctions on Azerbaijan.
It is already clear for the world that Azerbaijan has exhausted its
arsenal and must be held accountable both to the international
organizations and to the PACE.'