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As soon as New South Wales, sate in Australia, recognized the Republic
of Artsakh Azerbaijan recognized the independence of South Sudan,
which is a significant trump card in the hands ofArmenia, said today
Levon Melik-Shahnazaryan.

Political Scientist added that such recognition was not favorable
for Aliev, however he was forced to recognize the independence of
Sudan as the benefits of the states, that forced him to do that,
coincide with the benefits of the British Petroleum.

"This is a chain reaction, which we can use in favor of our country.

It is fact thata sooner or later Azerbaijan will recognize the Republic
of Artsakh. However, we have to wait," said the political scientist and
added that some other countries will recognize Artsakh's independence
next year as well.

Coming to the first meeting of the two Foreign Ministers after Safarov
case, Melik - Shahnazaryan noticed that Safarov was not pardoned,
but was awarded for what he did.

"Safarov has accomplished a task, which lasted 8.5 years and he
received an award for that. It is Aliev who has ordered to axe the
Armenian officer," the political scientist said.

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