Chess | 01.10.13 | 13:40

Armenian grandmaster Levon Aronian has lost his second place on
the latest rankings published by international chess's governing
body today.

FIDE's top player list shows Aronian having a rating of 2795, trailing
the top-ranked grandmaster Magnus Carlsen from Norway by 75 points
and Russia's Vladimir Kramnik by a point.

This is the first time in over two years that Aronian has lost his
status of the world's second best player and his rating decreased
below 2800.

The latest Top 100 player rankings of FIDE ( also include
Armenian grandmasters Sergei Movsesian (position 51; rating 2696),
Vladimir Akopian (position 59; rating 2684), Gabriel Sargissian
(position 69; rating 2676) and Tigran L. Petrosian (position 90;
rating 2660).

The FIDE Top 100 female players list includes two Armenian
grandmasters: Elina Danielian (position 27: rating 2471) and Lilit
Lazarian (position 29, rating 2469). Hungary's Judit Polgar tops
the rankings with a rating of 2689.

In the list of 150 chess nations ranked by the average rating of their
top 10 players Armenia is currently in fourth place (average rating
2661; has 36 grandmasters and 23 international masters; 'total titled'
- 98). The top three chess-playing nations, according to FIDE are:
Russia (2742), Ukraine (2703) and China (2669).