October 2 2013

Or causes of pilgrimage syndrome Today, the "Public Progress" civil
initiative is organizing a conference on "Migration Psychology:
Migrant's Life with a Lowered Social Status" in Marriott Hotel. Its
aim is to raise the causes of irrational behavior formed with the
level of satisfaction of the needs of the society, and the relation
of generalized inflated expectations and individual psychology. It is
expected to conduct a situational analysis of segments of society,
and to identify the causes of migration and ruling stereotypes. It
is expected to clarify the issue of the role and objectives of the
non-state sector. During the conference, among other interesting
speeches, speeches of the following topics will also be presented:
"Description and analysis of contemporary migration flows in Armenia",
"Impact of Migration on Human Needs," "Irrational behavior of
psychology of an individual", "Connection between migration procedure
and social status," "Migration flows as a factor in foreign policy."

Conference moderator was Director of "Tsaghkunk Open School Foundation"
Tigran Hakobyan (photo). Pursuant to Mr. Hakobyan, many people think
that the immigration problem and the solution is simple, to create
jobs, provide training of the staff and to protect their rights,
while the reality is different. "Businesses are complaining about
lack of staff, staff is complaining about the lack of jobs.

Regardless of the shortcomings of the educational system, even the
unique best students remain unemployed. We have the "Luys" foundation,
but we don't see the children of this foundation neither in private,
nor especially in public sector. We record achievements in the
information technology, however, exploitation of our human capital
in other areas is failed. In addition, I also do not mention the
problem of decrease in consumption markets due to emigration, with
which business entities of almost all areas are related to it in this
or that way. When we try to identify the main causes of migration, we
encounter to one common motive, the lack of a sense of justice. Here,
we come to another contradiction: people usually migrate to those
countries, where the justice at all levels is lower than in Armenia.

Moreover, for example, the rate of level of crimes in Armenia is
significantly lower than in those countries, which gives us reason
to think that the real motive for migration is not the aspiration
of providing security of an individual or family," said Tigran
Hakobyan in the interview with "Aravot". According to Director of
"Tsaghkunk Open School" foundation, there is also an opinion that
the factor of irrationalism in making decision to emigrate is big,
people while making a decision are not guided by sound logic. "We
need to understand what aspires our compatriots to leave their house
and make a pilgrimage. These are issues that require in-depth and
comprehensive scientific analysis. Many people are looking for the
solution in public administration reforms, or rather, in strengthening
the role of the state, which itself is a manifestation of socialism,
that is, a society, of which we have rejected. I believe that the free
market can offer solutions in this field, at the same time, I do not
deny the need for reforms of the public administration system. The
conference is the first step to finding solutions." Tigran Hakobyan is
convinced that voicing political assessments, insults or accusations in
the conference will not bring benefit to anyone. In his words, it is
necessary to listen to reasoned scientific presentations during the
conference, which will help to find the answer to the problem. In
addition, during today's conference, Samvel Manukyan ("IPSC" -
Institute for Political and Sociological Consulting) will present a
study on the topic "The migration management factors in Armenia".

According to the study, the reasons for immigration, socio-economic
reasons (82.4%), psychosocial (45.0%), family unit (7.0%), and
especially 18-45 year-olds tend more to emigrate.


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