16:45, 2 October, 2013

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 2, ARMENPRESS: Erhan Tuncel, the suspect of the
murder of the editor-in-chief of the Armenian newspaper Agos Hrant
Dink, is preparing for the judicial protection, after which he will
be presented to the justice voluntarily. As reported by Armenpress,
quoting the Turkish, this was stated by Erdoğan
Soruklu, the lawyer of Erhan Tuncel.

Erdoğan Soruklu noted that his defendant did not contact to anyone
after the court's decision on the arrest of Tuncel. "Erhan Tuncel
is in Turkey. He has not fled to anywhere. He will be presented to
justice soon. Tuncel does not want to meet anyone at this moment. He
is currently preparing for his evidences. When he finishes with it,
Tuncel will decide when to be presented", - said the lawyer.

Earlier it was reported that in the framework of the trial on Hrant
Dink's murder case, the prosecutor informed that in July Erhan Tuncel
was called to give evidences but the representatives of the security
services could not find him.

On September 17 the Istanbul 14th High Criminal Court began a review
of the trial of the 2007 killing of the Armenian journalist Hrant Dink
and made a decision to arrest Erhan Tuncel again for the participation
in the assassination. Suspect Hacı Sarıoğlu and Yasin Hayal, who was
convicted to life imprisonment, were present at the court hearings.

The Court hearing has been canceled till December 3, 2013. Previously,
the Dink family protested the judiciary system and said it would not
attend the hearings. A written statement sent to press by the Dink
family said the family will no longer attend the hearings to avoid
being part of the "games played by the state mechanisms." Before the
launch of the court hearings Hrant Dink's friends organized a protest
action in front of the Court's building.

Hrant Dink was born on September 15, 1954. He was a Turkish-Armenian
editor, journalist and columnist. As editor-in-chief of the bilingual
Turkish-Armenian newspaper Agos, Dink was a prominent member of the
Armenian minority in Turkey. Dink was best known for advocating
Turkish-Armenian reconciliation and human and minority rights in
Turkey; he was often critical of Turkey's denial of the Armenian
Genocide. Hrant Dink was assassinated in Istanbul in January 2007,
by Ogun Samast, a 17-year old Turkish nationalist. This was shortly
after the premiere of the genocide documentary Screamers, in which
he is interviewed about Turkish denial of the Armenian Genocide of
1915 and the case against him under Article 301. While Samast has
since been taken into custody, photographs of the assassin flanked by
smiling Turkish police and gendarmerie, posing with the killer side
by side in front of the Turkish flag, have since surfaced. The photos
created a scandal in Turkey, prompting a spate of investigations
and the removal from office of those involved. At his funeral, two
hundred thousand mourners marched in protest of the assassination,
chanting "We are all Armenians" and "We are all Hrant Dink". Criticism
of Article 301 became increasingly vocal after his death, leading to
parliamentary proposals for repeal. The 2007-2008 academic year at
the College of Europe was named in his honor.