by David Stepanyan

Friday, October 3, 10:33

Given that one cannot assess the domestic political situation in
Armenia with civilized categories, this process should be considered
exclusively from the viewpoint of public interests, Manvel Sargsyan,
Head of the Armenian Center for National and International Studies
(ACNIS), told ArmInfo.

"There are various groups in Armenia, which have managed to register
themselves as political parties and assumed the relevant rights.

Armenia has a Law "On parties", which clearly determines the
activities of the parties. Consequently, any activity of any group,
which runs counter to the given law, actually leaves that group outside
the law. In developed countries, unlike Armenia, such "parties" are
closed because they only pursue their own interests which initially
run counter to the public interests", he said.

Sargsyan thinks that group No.1 is the Republican Party of Armenia,
which positions itself as a party. It has usurped the state governance
bodies. The RPA regularly does it by means of various shadow
mechanisms, under the guise of elections, etc. The other parties
accept this situation and build their relations with this group in
order to satisfy their own interests and to join the usurpers. The
analyst stressed that all these groups perfectly realize that what
they are doing is a state large-scale crime but they deny this fact.

So, the lie of the party functionaries is the only mechanism to uphold
the interests of these groups.

"In this situation these groups are trying to replace the lie with
something legal by showing elections and Constitution to the people.

The truth is that laws have never worked in Armenia. Armenia has
always lacked justice. If there were any justice, it would immediately
send all those "politicians" to the dustbin. All these crimes should
visually be presented as laws. This is how one can explain the games
around reformation of the Constitution", said Sargsyan.