Vice-Premier Armen Gevorgyan to resign

11:30 / 04.10.2014

Days ago has written that unfortunately there is no MP or an
official from the Republican party to protest against re-appointment
of criminal Surik Khachatryan [Liska].

But it appeared that not all think so. According to our government
source says that more probably Vice-Premier Armen Gevorgyan will file
a resignation application either on Monday or Tuesday. The thing is
that a number of staff changes have been implemented in his sphere of
which he is very displeased. The source said that Gevorgyan complaint
to the PM that the people he appoints are not aware of the sphere and
he cannot work with them.

So, Armen Gevorgyan is going to resign, which will mean that our
government will lose a unique minister who works good.

From: Baghdasarian