Nazarbayev's Statement Is Not Explained
Country - 18 October 2014, 15:05

The president administration did not clarify what compromise over the
borders of Armenia the president of Kazakhstan meant when he spoke
about the membership of Armenia to the Eurasian Economic Union.

Note that the president of Kazakhstan Nazarbayev announced on October
10 in Minsk that a compromise has been reached over the borders in the
process of Armenia's membership to the Eurasian Economic Union.

The chief of president staff Vigen Sargsyan who was attending the
ceremony of signing the treaty on membership to the Eurasian Economic
Union refused to answer's question, referring us to the
press service.

We made a written inquiry with the president's press secretary Arman
Saghatelyan and chief of staff Vigen Sargsyan about the compromise
mentioned by Nazarbayev, whether it was an oral deal or a document.

Arman Saghatelyan replied in a letter that the deputy minister of
foreign affairs Shavarsh Kocharyan has given an exhaustive response on
the conditions of membership to the Eurasian Economic Union, borders
and other important issues.

"As to President Nazarbayev's statement, the press secretary of the RA
president is not competent to comment on the statements of the
president of Kazakhstan," Arman Saghatelyan said.

Note that Shavarsh Kocharyan did not explain what compromise over
borders Nazarbayev meant. He only said that the treaty does not
contain a word on Karabakh.