A1 Plus | 19:29:52 | 03-09-2004 | Politics |


Through support of USA lawyers the Armenian Justice Ministry managed to
come to terms with USA Court over providing some additional mechanisms
regarding compensation of $ 11 million by "New York Life Insurance"
Company to the heirs of the persons who had insurance policies and
perished during the years of Armenian Genocide. Those mechanisms will
make the Agreement on sum payment approved by USA Court accessible to
the possible plaintiffs in Armenia and in the neighbouring countries.

Names and surnames of the persons possessing insurance policies in
"New York Life Insurance" are located in the following website

But since the Armenian names and surnames in the Internet site are
introduced in western Armenian version typed in Latin letters it
caused distortion. Justice Ministry invited a specialist in the
Armenian surnames to clarify them. By September 20, 2004, Justice
Ministry will publish the Armenian translation of names and surnames
of the persons having insurance policies in "New York Life Insurance"
as they are kept in the Company archives and the addresses of the
establishments where the possible complainants may get consulting.

Justice Ministry is ready to support the people whose insurance
policies weren't inserted in the list produced by "New York Life
Insurance" and will take all the necessary steps to enrol those
policies in the Agreement, too.