AzerTag, Azerbaijan
Sept 1 2005

This idea was underlined at the meeting of the Minister of Defense
of Azerbaijan, colonel-general Safar Abiyev with the ambassador of
United Kingdom of the Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the country
Lawrence Bristow and the commander of the British military advisory -
educational group, colonel Hew Persley.

The minister highly estimated preparation by the British military
advisory - educational group of instructors for the Armed Forces
of Azerbaijan, noted, that it renders positive influence on
participation of the country's our Armed Forces in peacemaking
operations, preparation of the military staff, successful carrying
out of reforms in the Armed Forces, implementation of terms of the
Plan of Activity on Individual Partnership.

Having noted that training by colonel Hew Persley as an experienced
officer, who long time worked in system of the NATO, of instructors
in Azerbaijan serves strengthening of military cooperation between
the Great Britain and Azerbaijan, the Ambassador has told: "the
Azerbaijan military men are very competent and prepared. We are going
to continue fruitful cooperation and in the future. I thank you for
fruitful cooperation".

Having touched the present military-political situation in region of
Southern Caucasus and settlement of the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict,
colonel-general Safar Abiyev has told: "The Armenian side has
placed a significant amount of weapon and ammunition at the occupied
territories. In spite of the fact that the Security Council of the
United Nations has adopted Four Resolutions on withdrawal of the
occupational forces of Armenia from the Azerbaijan lands, Armenia
rejects to observe the requirements of the mentioned resolutions. And
today patrons of Armenia continue to arm it. In the question of
settlement of the conflict, Azerbaijan faces with application of
double standards and consequently Armenia being a state - aggressor,
feels impunity and feels like freely. Azerbaijan is capable to release
its lands, and if so will go and farther, we shall liberate our lands.

Having emphasized that he is informed on essence of the conflict,
Ambassador Lawrence Bristow has told: "Participation of President Ilham
Aliyev in negotiations is important event. Azerbaijan successfully
goes in the direction of settlement of the conflict. The Great Britain
supports strategic line pursued by the President of Azerbaijan and
directed on solution of the problem, which should be settled on the
basis of international legal norms. The fair settlement of the problem
is equitable to interests of the Great Britain".

Having noted that Armenia is a state - aggressor, that all states
of the world should see and confirm by all means this fact, take
measures directed on immediate clearing of the Azerbaijan lands,
the Minister has declared that if the question will not be shortly
solved in the said form, the people of Azerbaijan itself will make
certain decision concerning settlement of the conflict.