[September 02, 2005, 16:19:59]

AzerTag, Azerbaijan
Sept 2 2005

The Georgian economic experts said the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railroad
project will not suffer from Armenians, reports AzerTAj's Tbilisi-based

Georgi Khukhashvili, the expert for economic issues, noted that nobody
is don't intends to ask Armenians about the project's allowability. The
Armenian side is always against to carry out regional projects
and they want to prevent its because the railroad is bypass the
Armenian territory. But they must to understand that the Armenians
participation in the regional projects impossible while they do not
regulated relations with Azerbaijan, said the expert.

According to another economic expert - Demur Giorkhelidze, though
it's well known the Armenia's position on this question, but it's not
political issue. Maybe, whenever relationships between Azerbaijan
and Armenia will be settled. It is very necessary the cooperation
of the South Caucasus countries in politic and economic spheres. But
the Armenia's confrontation in regards of various projects is cause
of damage for this country, said the expert.

Bondo Zarnadze, the economic expert has said that after realization
of the project Georgia will became as transit country and to have a
big revenues. But official Yerevan will meet with serious problems
in connection with problem over Nagorno-Karabakh. It's a cause of
Armenian's anxiety, said the Georgian expert.