AZG Armenian Daily #157, 03/09/2005



On Saturday, September 3, 2005, AGBU Buenos Aires ( will be
airing a live webcast of its artistic and cultural festival, "Armenia, One
People, One Nation, One Culture," the proceeds of which will benefit the
city's Doctor Pedro de Eiizalde Children's Hospital (
About 500 musicians and dancers will take part in the mega-event at the
city's Exhibition Center. The evening will be hosted under the auspices of
the City of Buenos Aires and the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia.
Streaming video of the live webcast can be viewed by visiting the AGBU
Buenos Aires webcast homepage ( on the day of the event and
clicking on a banner that will launch the viewing portal. Up-to-minute
information about broadcast times and system requirements will be available
on the viewing portal as well. The six-hour live broadcast will begin
Saturday 5:00 PM (18:00) in Buenos Aires [Sunday 1:00 AM (01:00) in Yerevan;
Saturday 11:0O PM (23:00) in Beirut; Saturday 10:00 PM (22:00) In Paris?
Saturday 4:00 PM O6:00) in Mew York; Saturday 1:00 PM (7 3:00) in Los
Angeles; and Sunday 6:00 AM (06:00) in Sydney].

This is the first AGBU event to be broadcast live to the public on the
Internet, international viewers are invited to send comments and good wishes
before and during the event via email to: [email protected] In
addition to fundraising for the Pedro de Elizalde Hospital, the evening is a
pre-event in honor of next year's AGBU Centennial.

The webcast will begin with a 90-minute program devoted to Buenos Aires
Armenian schools, followed by performances by a wide array of choirs and
dance troupes concluding with gala festivities that will include speeches
and music.

Participating music and dance ensembles are:

- "Alakiaz" Choir from the Mekhitarian School of Buenos Aires,

- AGBU Cordoba "Ararat" Dance Ensemble,

- "Arax" Choir of Buenos Aires,

- "Arevakal" Choir from the Vicente Lopez Armenian School of Buenos Aires

- "Erevan 50" Orchestra of Montevideo, Uruguay

- "Gayane 11 Dance Ensemble from the Armenian National Center of Uruguay

- "Gomidas" Choir of Buenos Aires

- "Grung" Choir of from UGAB of Montevideo, Uruguay

- "Haiastan" Orchestra of Buenos Aires

- "Kaiane" Dance Ensemble from the Armenian Cultural Union of Buenos Aires

- "Krikor Naregatsi" Choir from the Santa Cruz de Varak Church of Buenos

- "Kusan" Orchestra of Cordoba

- "Masis" Dance Ensemble from the Archbishopric of Buenos Aires

- "Nairi" Dance Ensemble from Hamazkain of San Fernando Valley, United

- "Nairi" Dance Ensemble from HOM of Buenos Aires

- AGBU Buenos Aires "Nerses Shnorhalli" Choir

- "Nor Arax" Orchestra of Buenos Aires

- "San Gregorio el Iluminador" Choir from the Sourp Kevork Church of Buenos

- "Sasun" Dance Ensemble from HOM of Cordoba

- "Shiraz" Dance Ensemble from Hamazkain of Montevideo, Uruguay

Participating local schools will be:

- Arzruni School

- Mekhitarista School

- Armenian School of Vicente Lopez

- Isaac Backchellian School

- Khrimian Armenian Cultural School

- AGBU Marie Manoogian Institute

- San Gregorio El Iluminador Educational institute.

Established in 7 971, AGBU Buenos Aires is dedicated to preserving and
promoting the Armenian heritage and culture through educational, cultural
and humanitarian programs. For more information and to watch the live
Saturday, September 3 webcast, please visit