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His Holiness Aram I received the Lebanese Committee for Christian-Muslim
Dialogue in Bikfaya on September 5. Established in 1990, the committee
includes representatives from the seven main communities of Lebanon. The
Armenian community is represented by Dr. Jan Salmanian.

The committee members expressed their concerns in relation to the current
situation of Lebanon and put forth proposals for giving a new impetus to
inter-confessional cooperation in Lebanon.

The committee informed His Holiness of its plans to organize a meeting
between the religious leaders of the Lebanese communities.

His Holiness Aram I praised the activities of the committee and its future
plans, pointing out the following:

a.. In light of the current circumstances, the committee should adopt a
working plan that would relieve the Lebanese people's confusion and win
their trust. A country's biggest enemy is internal confusion, which could
have negative consequences on the political and economic fronts and harm its
internal unity.

a.. Cooperation between the various communities of Lebanon away from
political problems is essential. The communities of the country should
preserve their internal integrity and harmonious relations. This
necessitates frequent meetings between community leaders.

a.. Regardless of the internal and external circumstances surrounding the
country, now more than ever Lebanon needs to strengthen its internal unity.
Lebanon is a confessional country; a confessional structure based on close
cooperation forms the basis of Lebanon's existence, its political and
administrative institutions. In this sense, the meetings between community
leaders and their united approaches are positive aspects both for the
Lebanese people and for the international community.

His Holiness assured that during his upcoming visits to Switzerland, Canada
and the United States, he will emphasize the role of Lebanon as a model
country of Christian-Muslim coexistence. He also promised to highlight the
importance of supporting Lebanon.


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