| 18:08:41 | 30-09-2005 | Politics |


The party `One Nation' and the Armenian Nationalist Union have decided to
take the legislative initiative and offer the Parliament to deprive the
deputies who have been inadequately absent from the Parliament for a month
of their mandate.

Mentioning the fact that in that case the opposition who has announced
political boycott will be deprived of the mandates first, the leader of the
party «One Nation» Gor Tamrazyan said that in any case they are against the
behavior of the opposition as they have received their mandate to represent
the interest of the people in the Parliament and to process and adopt laws.
As for the boycott, they simply hinder the work of the other fractions and
the legislative body is not able to do its work properly.

The head of the Armenian Nationalist Union Rouben Gevorgyan finds that the
opposition must continue the struggle from the Parliament although he
realizes that the struggle of the opposition is in vain as the «majority is
always right.

The other offer referred to the educational field; the nationalists consider
that the schools must have a general uniform. The also offered to teach the
«Theory of Nzhdeh» at school.

The spiritual field was not neglected either; an offer was made to give a
super status to the Church. By the way. On October 16 the party «One Nation»
is going to organize an anti-sect march and calls all the church workers to
join it.

And the last offer is about the enhancing of the security of borders. Rouben
Gevorgyan announced that the Parliament must think about the security of the
borders of the country and make the conditions favorable for organizing
business in the areas near the border.

By the way, the NA President Arthur Baghdasaryan liked the idea of the
Nationalists to offer legislative reforms and he said they must be
represented to the NA in a written form. They wiil meet soon.