By Susanna Margarian

AZG Armenian Daily

"Hayastan" All-Armenian Fund once again touches upon the
construction of North-South highway in Nagorno Karabakh Republic
assuring that the constriction works are continuing according to
schedule. "Construction is being carried out simultaneously I 7
sections of the road. Construction of Kichan-Drmbon's 5.2 km long
section is in final stage. Construction of several other sections
nears its end," a statement reads.

During the year of 2006 "Hayastan" Fund has paved 90 thousand sq
meters of the highway. To solve the problem connected with bitumen
importing and to help construction organizations, the Fund has signed
an agreement of $1 million 2 thousand in 2006 as a result of which
1200 tones of bitumen have been imported to Armenia.

"As to the quality of construction, problems can occur in any
circumstance, and if needed the Fund turns to NKR government and other
authorized organs as well as strictly warns contractor companies. In
general, the Fund has made stricter its control over the quality of
the work," the Fund's administration states.