Noyan Tapan
Sept 04 2006

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 4, NOYAN TAPAN. As of September 4, 220 thousand
tons of grain was harvested in Armenia, which is less by 100 thousand
tons than the index as of the same day of 2005. NT correspondent
was informed from Garnik Petrosian, Head of the Plant Cultivation
Development and Plant Protection Department of the RA Ministry of
Agriculture, that it is envisaged to harvest another 100-105 thousand
tons of grain. According to him, the average crop yield of grain
made 14 centners this year. The highest index of average crop yield
was registered in Ararat marz (32 tons), while the lowest index was
in Tavush marz (7 centners). It was noted that as of September 4,
396 thousand tons of vegetables was harvested, which exceeds by 96
thousand tons the respective index of last year. Particularly, 135
thousand tons of potato was already harvested this year against 128
thousand tons as of the same day last year. G. Petrosian said that it
is planned to harvest 800 thousand tons of vegetables until the end
of the season against 600 thousand tons last year. As of September 4,
the Armenian fruit and vegetable processing companies purchased 30
thousand tons of vegetables against 17 thousand tons last year. The
Ararat and Artashat canning plants are the main purchasers. According
to G. Petrosian, 180 thousand tons of fruit was already harvested
against 220 thousand tons as of September 4, 2005. 20 thousand tons
of grapes was already harvested against 8 thousand tons as of the
same day last year.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress