Public Television of Armenia, Yerevan,
28 Sep 06


[Presenter] A total of four seconds have been required for the
Armenian and Russian national security services to thwart a terrorist
attack on the [Armenia's] Metsamor nuclear power station. In fact,
there was not any attack on the nuclear power station by terrorists.
It was only an exercise carried out on the territory of the nuclear
power station today.

[Correspondent over video of the exercise] Seven terrorists have
hidden in the wagon which is on the territory of Armenia's nuclear
power station. The National Security Service's rapid reaction group
will try to destroy them. This attack, which was carried out by the
Alfa group of the Armenian National Security Service, was the last
stage of the Atom Antiterror-2006 exercise.

[Passage omitted: background information]

[The chief of the General Staff of the Armenian army, Col-Gen Mikael
Arutyunyan, speaking in Russian with Armenian voice-over] Everyone
should fight terrorism. Both the state and the army, as well as the
National Security Service must be ready to fight them [terrorists].
This exercise proved that we are ready to fight terrorism. Let
terrorists know that we are able to destroy them.

[Passage omitted: more details of the exercise]

[Video showed the Metsamor nuclear power station, Armenian and
Russian rapid reaction groups attacking "terrorists"]

Ayk Ovannesyan, Tigran Babayan, "Aylur".