Armenia Solidarity Press Release
c/o Temple of Peace
Cathays Parc
Contact: Eilian Williams
Telephone: 07876 561398

To increase awareness of the Armenian Genocide and enhance parliamentary
support for future initiatives, Armenia Solidarity undertook three days of
lobbying at the UK Labour Party Conference in and outside G-Mex Manchester
between 24-26 September 2006. The Manchester Armenian community, including
students and young professionals, participated in this first exercise at
political party level.

One thousand specially prepared leaflets were distributed to delegates and
copies of John Torosyan's comprehensive "Remember" booklet to selected
members of the government, including the Prime Minister and the Foreign
Secretary. Contact was made with Labour-affiliated groups for future
networking. Fringe meeting discussions and consultations took place in the
evenings with MPs and interested parties to understand parliamentary
procedures, to craft parliamentary motions and how to target support. These
were both with established supporters as well as new contacts.

A number of options were identified including a new Early Day Motion, a 10
Minute Rule debate and meetings with a Foreign Office Minister with valuable
advice given as to how to develop proposals and improve the chances of

Armenia Solidarity has done solid work in Wales where over half the MPs have
now give their support to House of Commons motions on the Armenian Genocide.
This effort will continue and will be extended to the North West of England
with the active support of the Armenian community including Manchester and
Stockport constituencies. The objective is to involve all nationwide
constituencies with Armenian residents and their supporters

Armenia Solidarity is interested in co-operating with other established
organisations so that the last count of 37 MPs for the last EDM is increased
to a much higher number. This may help to leverage as much influence and
change possible in these days with the European spotlight on Turkey's EU
application, on its human rights record and its treatment of minorities and
Christian churches. Though the British government underwrites the Turkey's
application, every effort needs to be made that an unreformed administration
does not become a part of Europe and that Armenian interests are given
long-due attention.

The "Remember" booklet was prepared to persuade the UK Holocaust Memorial
Day Trust to include the Armenian Genocide in their commemorations,
documentation and website. This important initiative continues. View its
contents at