Tab to fix Manoogian near $188K

The Detroit News
September 28, 2006

By David Josar

DETROIT -- Planned outdoor repairs at Manoogian Mansion include $25,000
for landscaping, $10,000 for exterior lighting and $50,000 to repair the
front porch, walkway and railing, according to detailed estimates
released by the mayor's office.

Temporary fixes to tile surrounding the in-ground pool are expected to
cost about $1,000, but a price tag for permanent repairs is still being

Last June, the Detroit Building Authority approved $200,000 for the
fixes, but Kilpatrick's staff believes the total bill will be closer to
$188,000, based on bids received from several companies.

The city is also paying the firm Hamilton Anderson Associates $6,500 in
architectural fees to oversee the work.

The remainder of the estimated $188,000 will be used to fix the rear
patio and walkways behind the mansion, which abuts the Detroit River.

The money is coming from a 2004 bond issue earmarked for capital
improvements to the city's recreation, zoo or cultural facilities.

The historic 5,000-square-foot Manoogian Mansion has become an expensive
proposition for the city.

Mayoral spokesman Matt Allen said the repairs are necessary to ensure
official visitors to the mansion don't injure themselves on city
property and then sue Detroit for negligence. "We want to avoid
liability," Allen said.

Allen said that once the consulting firm makes a recommendation on how
to repair the pool, the mayor's staff will need to request more money.

"We'll have to ask again to make permanent repairs," Allen said, of the
need for the City Council and Detroit Building Authority to tap more
bond funds.

Dating to the administration of Dennis Archer, faulty tile work has
caused the pool to leak water into the ground.

Since fiscal 1994, Detroit has spent $1.3 million in tax dollars on
repairs and upkeep for the mansion, which was donated to the city in
1966 by Masco Corp. founder Alex Manoogian and his wife.

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