[07:36 pm] 01 September, 2008

Yerevan's Hrazdan sports ground is supposed to be overcrowded on
September 6. Over 55 thousand football fans will arrive in Armenia
to watch the upcoming Armenia-Turkey football match.

Tickets for the forthcoming 2010 World Cup qualifier are comparatively
more expensive. Generally, people pay 1500-5000 drams to watch a match
in Yerevan with the participation of local teams but a ticket for the
forthcoming event costs 3000-10000 drams. As for European standards
this is a symbolic sum but there are few solvent people in Armenia. Not
everyone can afford a ticket at such a price in Armenia. Nevertheless,
the tickets are of great demand as Turkey's team doesn't arrive in
Yerevan every day.

Tickets costing 7000-10000 are said to be sold out.

According to the FIFA regulations the host part is to place 5% of
tickets at the guest's disposal. The Armenian Football Federation
has foreseen at least 2500 for Turkish fans but they will not arrive
in Yerevan.

Thousands of Turks wished to come to see the match but departing from
security norms the Turkish side decided not to allow their arrival.

Naturally, Armenian fans will not have the opportunity to leave for
Turkey next year.

Recently there have been a series of clashes at international matches
with the participation of Turk fans. Therefore, the sides fear lest
these skirmishes should repeat.

Europe is also interested in this match.

Representatives of various European Mass Media have been accredited
to enlighten the match.

Many expect to see Turkey's President Abdullah Gul in Yerevan but at
present there is no clear information of his possible arrival.

Even bookmakers have set stakes on Gul's arrival. The index for
arrival is 1.60, and that for refusal - 2.10.