[08:05 pm] 01 September, 2008

"Another case was to be heard here today, for instance, an attempt
upon life, illegal detention, torture, etc. I was to attend the
court-sitting as an injured party and not as a defendant," Deputy
Prosecutor General Gagik Jhangirian said today at the Court of General
Jurisdiction of Yerevan's Kentron and Nork-Marash districts.

Afterwards, Jhangirian made a political statement. "Actually, Armenia
has never had a fully independent judicial system. What do we have
after February 19? A judicial body fully dependent on the country's
authorities. On February 19 they usurped our citizens' votes, power,
courts' independence and prosecutors' freedom," announced Gagik

"Inspector and judges say: "What can we do? We keep a family." It
means their constitutional rights and powers and guarantees for their
impartiality are also usurped. They are held as hostages and serve
the acting regime. I do not justify them. I simply feel pity for them
as they have no will power to act freely. Otherwise the perpetrators
of the March 1 carnage would be standing at the bar. There is only
one solution: we must establish order of law in this country. Only
in that case, the Goddess of Justice will return to Armenia and make
up losses."