17:49 01/09/2008

Defense Ministry of Republic of Armenia has donated to all the schools
and universities of Armenia, Artzakh and Javakhq the book of historian
Artak Movsisyan "Supremacies of Armenian History", and his "Tigran
the Great" and "Nemrout" popular science films.

According to Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan the chief aim of the
donation is setting a higher level for military-patriotic education
in schools. The book and popular science films will also be given to
Armenian Diaspora schools in Russia and elsewhere, he added.

In "Supremacies of Armenian History" the narrative of all Armenian
supremacies is given in one perspective. The book reveals Armenian
ethnic features and the qualities of Atmenin conquerors as a whole,
historian Artak Movsisyan says.

"Tigran the Great" represents all the deeds of Tigran the Great, and
"Nemrout" enlightens the history of Armenian Tavros and "Nemrout"

According to A.Movsisyan, one more film "Cliff-pictography Alphabet"
shooted in Western Armenia will be added to the succession of these
films in autumn.