18:38 01/09/2008

Armenia buys petrol from a Georgian company which conveys it to the
state borders, co-chairman of Armenian-Georgian inter-parliamentary
committee deputy of the National Assambly Volodya Badalyan said during
a press-conference.

"This private company has all the rights to sell petrol not only to
Armenian but to Georgian side as well," Badalyan added.

Meanwhile, he noted that from 2800 tonnes of petrol stipulated for
Armenian market, only 1800 tonnes were imported in the country,
the rest was bought by Georgian side.

Questioned about security measures, V.Badalyan said nobody could
guarantee one's safety in the state of war; it is known that a group
of experts and journalists that had to arrive in Batoumi after railway
bridge explosion was left by its' guides on a half-way.

"Nobody gave us any assurances.Only Armenian journalists worked at
the place, no foreign reporter ever went there," V. Badalyan added.