De Facto
2008-09-02 17:38:00

YEREVAN, 02.09.08. DE FACTO. RA President Serge Sargsian congratulated
Karabakh people on the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic's Independence Day.

According to the RA President's Press Office, Armenian President's
congratulatory message runs, in part, "Dear compatriots, I congratulate
you on the Independence Day.

The past 17 years proved that Artsakh people's choice was the
only right in that situation. This choice is historical, sacred and
incontestable for us. Today is a holiday for everyone: it is also the
holiday for those, who immortalized themselves with fighting exploits
in the name of a liberated and worthy homeland.

Dear Artsakh people, You have bore the test of both war and peace and
nowadays you are devoted to the case of building and protecting a free
country. You are devoted to the case, trying to improve your state,
public and economic activity. I am convinced that you will solve
current problems and will be able to resist all future challenges
with the help of Armenia and Armenians living in different countries
of the world.

I again congratulate you on this remarkable holiday and wish you
peaceful sky and steady progress".