De facto
2008-09-02 17:34:00

Dear compatriots!

On September 2 we celebrate a remarkable day for our nation -
Nagorno-Karabakh Republic's Day. This day opened up a new page in the
destiny of Artsakh and laid the foundation of independent Armenian
statehood's restoration.

17 years ago Artsakh people embarked on the road of realization
of their long-standing dream to construct a free and independent,
democratic and social state. We have managed to overcome the thorny way
due to an unflinching will, unity and solidarity. Artsakh has become
a symbol of revival of Armenian nation's invincible spirit. For the
past years we not only managed to restore economy destructed by the
war, but also laid a reliable foundation for the country's further
development. Strengthening and deepening ties between Artsakh, Armenia
and Diaspora, consolidating efforts and potential of Armenians living
in different countries of the world, we began efficiently solving the
problems the Republic faced, raise the people's well-being, construct
and restore infrastructure. Today we can proudly state that we have a
strong and efficient army, a progressively developing country, which
corresponds to the world standards and norms and is one of the main
factors of maintaining stability in the region.

Friends, we should always remember the price we have paid for our
current free and peaceful life, of losses and privations our people
have overcome while constructing an independent statehood. The
best sons of Armenian nation gave their lives for their Homeland's
freedom. Eternal glory to the heroes!

We must realize our friends' cherished dream - to secure
Nagorno-Karabakh Republic's international recognition and bequeath
succeeding generations a strong and independent, peaceful and
prosperous Homeland. Be sure that it is just the matter of time.

The NKR authorities are adherent to the principles of existing
conflicts' peaceful settlements. All discords should be settled
via a direct dialogue. Everyone should once and for all realize
that Artsakh's independence has no alternative and is not subject
to speculations.

Dear Artsakh people, I cordially congratulate you on this symbolic
holiday and wish you strong health, happiness and further successes
to the glory of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic's bright future.

September 2, 2008.

The city of Stepanakert.