Lisa Karpova

The People's Voice
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Sept 2 2008

In a court of law, once you are caught lying, you are through. The
judge is no longer listening to you, for you have ruined your
credibility in his eyes and you will never regain his trust again. Case
closed, you lose.

And so it is with the western corporate media, caught lying once
again by trying to pass off film footage of the destroyed Ossetian
capital Tskhinvali and claim it was Gori, in Georgia, and a result of
Russian bombing. Their history of lying is all too familiar to most:
weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Iraq was behind 9-11, Sadaam's
people were throwing babies out of incubators. Now the latest, they
are trying to paint Russia as an aggressor, as a country violating
international law, knowing full well that both are bald faced lies.

A universal truth is that lies are the beginning of murder. All wars,
all genocides, all acts of evil begin with lies.

The western concept of the "international community" is not their
paltry 15% of world population, that is just how many people reside
in the so-called west. The true international community is the 85%
that never get a chance to be listened to or acknowledged. Even among
their numbers are people who have risen above the norm to seek out
the truth, so when Bush, Rice and company speak of an "international
community" they are just talking nonsense.

The night-time bombardment of Tskhinvali by Georgian troops resulted
in the deaths of hundreds of civilians. Among the dead were the Russian
peacekeepers, who gave their lives in fulfilling their duty to protect
women, children and the elderly. Official Tskhinvali reported that the
number of deceased due to the August events totals 1692, according
to South Ossetia's prosecutor Teimuraz Khugava. Georgian attackers
acted like barbarians, rather than descendants of one of the first
Christian nations. For example, Georgians targeted churches because
they knew civilians would be hiding in there. One priest said 60%
of his flock was killed.

The Georgian leadership, in violation of the UN Charter and their
obligations under international agreements, their agreements in
regards to the Soviet constitution and contrary to the voice of reason,
unleashed an armed conflict victimizing innocent civilians. Tbilisi
hoped for a blitzkrieg that would have presented the international
community with an accomplished fact, the elimination of a whole people.

To Russians and most of the international community, the Georgian
attack of August 8 looks like the very same "ethnic cleansing" which
the US and European powers asserted to be crimes against humanity
on the territory of the former Yugoslavia. This was an older lie
of epic proportions still being vomited by corporate western media,
contrary to all the evidence.

Another lie they attempt to perpetrate on world opinion is a veil of
democracy which doesn't exist with leaders who do nothing but tell
lies, threaten, bully, use double standards, think they can police the
world and boss other countries, behave recklessly with diplomacy and
international law, make noises of war, insult the Russian President,
and basically ignore world opinion, instead pretending that they
speak for everyone.

One essential truth is that Georgia is a non-country. According
to western corporate media, we're supposed to feel sorry for this
poor, poor "country" that was "invaded" by bad, bad Russia for no
reason at all. There are readily identifiable regions from Soviet
times-- Abkhazia, Adjaria, and South Ossetia-- areas peopled by
non-"Georgians." Also add to that the Mtzkhetians (or Meskhetan Turks),
the Armenians in Georgian-occupied Javakhk (yet another identifiable
region) and the Azeri Turks in the Eastern part of the "country." It
should be clear that this amalgamation within a Georgian "state"
was never meant to be. "Georgia" was always weak and needed to be
protected. Thus far, the Soviet Union has been the only force to be
able to keep peace between the various warring factions in the area.

The Georgian army charged into Ossetia under cover of the Olympic games
in Beijing. An unknown fact is just a few weeks before the invasion,
Georgian authorities had been instigating trouble among the Armenians
of Javkhk with mass arrests, seizures and beatings. Apparently they
were planning something and knew that Armenians have always been allies
and friends with Russia so they needed to be out of the way. Calls
for help went unheard and unheeded.

Also, when Saakashvili first ascended to the presidency of the
"country," one of his first steps was to banish the leader of Adjaria
and try to assert control over the region. He has stated repeatedly
his goal of "restoring" the "breakaway regions" of Abkhazia and
South Ossetia to Georgian subjugation. Unknown in the corporate media
indoctrinated west is that Saakashvili has been jailing the opposition
and squashing all vestiges of dissent. Some democracy!

Since the breakup of the Soviet Union, Georgians have been making life
difficult for Armenians living in Georgia in many ways: language and
history instruction, employment issues which require the knowledge
of Georgian when the majority of the native population does not
speak Georgian. Armenian churches have been and are at risk of being
confiscated by the Georgian Orthodox Church.

South Ossetian President Eduard Kokoity revealed that Georgia used
mercenaries from several countries during its aggression against
his nation. "There were many mercenaries from Ukraine and the Baltic
states. We have found dead bodies of African Americans too," Interfax
quoted Kokoity as saying. The 'territorial dispute' matter was just
an excuse. South Ossetia and Abkhazia have not desired to be a part
of Georgia since the USSR disbanded in 1991.

"The territorial integrity and borders of Georgia must be respected,
just as those of Russia or any other country," according to President
Bush. "Russia's action only exacerbates tensions and complicates
diplomatic negotiations. In accordance with United Nations Security
Council Resolutions that remain in force, Abkhazia and South Ossetia
are within the internationally recognized borders of Georgia, and
they must remain so."

However, on Kosovo, hypocrite duplicitous moron Bush said the
following: "Independence for Kosovo is an opportunity to move beyond
past conflicts and towards stability and peace. History will prove this
to be a correct move, to bring peace to the Balkans," he said. "The
United States supports this move because we believe it will bring
peace. And now it's up to all of us to work together to help the
Kosovars realize that peace." This was in total disregard for UN
Resolution 1244 which the United States signed and remains in force
specifically recognizing Serbian/Yugoslavian sovereignty over Kosovo.

Scum like Bush, Cheney, Gates and especially Rice should be looking
in the mirror instead of pointing their fingers. They appeared
to be having a collective nervous breakdown over the situation in
Georgia. One wonders if parrot Condoleeza Rice is 'stupid.' She did
seem to have a rather one track mind saying: "Russian forces must
leave Georgia now," bawk, bawk, bawk. Apparently, her handlers forgot
to program her for much more than that. She is nothing more than a
neocon parrot who has been trained to 'bawk' and pee on cue.

This stunt by Georgia is going to hurt them big time economically
(little things like tourism, foreign investment, putting in a
McDonald's franchise, little things like that). It will all add up and
it will hurt. More than likely, people traveling to the 2014 Olympics
will not book a room in Georgia, except maybe the US and Israeli
teams. There will be war crimes charges brought against Georgia and
its accomplices - which include Ukraine, Israel and the USA. In any
case, people who start wars don't get to decide how and when they end.