DeFacto Agency
Sept 2 2008


Our site "", alongside with Armenia's other sites,
was recently subject to hackers' attack. Azerbaijani electronic
informational agency asserts that Armenian sites' breaking-up is
the handiwork of Azerbaijani hackers. Judging by everything it is
the truth. Swear-words concerning Armenian nation were placed on the
site's broken page, while July's information and articles were erased.

Answering an Azeri journalist's question why the hacker (a certain
Arif) does it, the latter gallantly reported that he fought against
Armenians "with his own weapon". The informational agency chose the
same gallantly-pathetic tone by placing the information entitled
their page.

Anyway, there is nothing new in a controversy with Azerbaijan that
started twenty years ago. Each one really chooses "his own weapon". For
instance, while covering Karabakh conflict and the issues referring
to Armenian-Azeri relations, we always try to be very correct in the
sore controversy. Our sharpest "weapon" is satire. We resort to it
when Azerbaijani mass media go too far or use a frank lie.

Azerbaijanis responded to peaceful rallies in Stepanakert by
means of "Soumgait", choosing knives and sharp iron rods as their
weapon. Nowadays they respond to Armenian mass media's constructive
and analytical proposals by resorting to hackers.

While talking to the Azeri journalist, the hacker Arif was enthusiastic
about the fact that there was a hackers' community in Azerbaijan,
which, in his opinion, should be encouraged to strengthen its power
and influence. As for Armenian hackers, he said actually there were
not any hackers in Armenia.

That's right. We don't know them either. Maybe the reason is that there
are no hackers here. Consequently, there is no community either. The
thing is not that it is a difficult business from the viewpoint of
technical, all the more intellectual possibilities. Just the thing
is that the instinct of destruction is not typical of Armenian
mentality. We prefer a civilized argument. I mean an argument and
not a war; even if it is called informational.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress