Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nagorno-Karabakh Republic
2008-09-03 13:07

On September 2, on the occasion of the 17th anniversary of proclamation
of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic festive events were held in the
regions and the capital of the NKR.

The republic's leadership, headed by president Bako Sahakian, and
governmental delegation from Armenia, led by prime minister Tigran
Sargssian, visited the Memorial complex where wreath-laying ceremony
took place.

On the occasion of the holiday NKR president gave a ceremonial

The head of the state signed decrees on awarding titles of honors to
a number of prominent figures in different spheres. In his address
to people Bako Sahakian noted: "17 years ago the people of Artsakh
took the road of realization of their ancient dream on building free,
independent, democratic and social state. We have managed to overcome
this thorny path due to firm will, unity and solidarity. Artsakh has
become a symbol of revival of unconquerable spirit of the Armenian

At that, the president emphasized that "the NKR authorities adhere
to the principles of peaceful settlement of the existing conflicts".

"The existing differences are to be resolved via a direct dialogue.

Everyone must realize once and for all that independence of Artsakh has
no alternat ive and is not to be speculated", - Bako Sahakian noted.

"The success of Nagorno Karabakh is a subject-matter of pride not only
for the NKR population but for every Armenian as well. The Artsakhian
has proved that he stands firmly in his native land and struggles for
the right to live there freely", - prime minister of the Republic of
Armenia Tigran Sargssian said.

The head of the RA government expressed confidence that the Nagorno
Karabakh problem will be fairly resolved via peace negotiations.

Concert and sport events, as well as street festivities took place
in Stepanakert and the NKR regions. The festivities ended with the
firework in the central Square of Revival.